Why Brexit might be the jolt of electricity which brings RRI to life!

    One could imagine that Brexit will sound the death knell for RRI, (Responsible Research and Innovation).  With the potential for Horizon 2020 research funding to be cut quite significantly, it could be regarded as a luxury – something mildly interesting during the good times, but which has no place in the new dog-eat-dog […]

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the next big thing pics

RRI & the Origins of The Next Big Thing!

I am writing a speech for the Swedish Research Council Annual Science Communications Conference next week and talking with the organisers about the stimulus for RRI & other initiatives in Sweden and the UK. They are similar to us, but not quite the same,  the responses are pretty much, though the time-line isn’t. When I […]

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RRI Checklist 3

The RRI Checklist!

Ouch!   I can hear the howling from here! I know that academics and many others LOATH checklists but I don’t,  I think they have an important place.  Anyone who has read the excellent Checklist Manifesto will perhaps learn the value in many many areas to help us avoid failure and mitigate against human incompetence […]

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light tree 4

Principles for Responsible Innovation Jan 2016

Here is the next iteration of our Principles for Responsible Innovation as of January 2016.  These followed feedback from stakeholders  from our consultation in 2015 and review of some materials from the RRI Framework 7 Projects which recently reported.  

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me at ec

Radical transparency? PRRI at the EC

I was quite honoured to be invited by the MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation Consultation Draft January 2016Regulation to present on our Principles for Responsible Innovation to their Brussels meeting last Friday.  The CoP was convened by DG Connect to help inform the the Better Regulation Agenda and ‘looks at the role of self-and co-regulation in […]

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three pics vitality

MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation adapted for Personal Health Technologies

MATTER was invited to respond to a consultation from the US based Vitality Institute’s Guidance for the Responsible Use of Personal Health Technologies.  In addition to MATTER Response to Vitility Guidelines Consultation (a note referring to the Guidance document itself)  it appear to be a helpful stimulus to reflect on the usability our Principles for Responsible Innovation in […]

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Building confidence front

Building Confidence in Innovative Technologies

In this project we researched the views of investors, NGOs & retailers and analysed 13 public dialogues on different emerging technologies to find out what stakeholders expect of companies and how they can respond.

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