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MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation adapted for Personal Health Technologies

MATTER was invited to respond to a consultation from the US based Vitality Institute’s Guidance for the Responsible Use of Personal Health Technologies.  In addition to MATTER Response to Vitility Guidelines Consultation (a note referring to the Guidance document itself)  it appear to be a helpful stimulus to reflect on the usability our Principles for Responsible Innovation in […]

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MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation

Here are our Principles for Responsible Innovation. Those who saw previous posts when I bullishly called them Principles for Sustainable Innovation will note that I ‘responded constructively to my stakeholders’, who said that Responsible Innovation where where it’s at and I changed them back!   We have two main aims: 1.        Generate positive […]

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Building confidence front

Building Confidence in Innovative Technologies

In this project we researched the views of investors, NGOs & retailers and analysed 13 public dialogues on different emerging technologies to find out what stakeholders expect of companies and how they can respond.

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