About us

We want to help the world innovate better.  

We help organisations take a new look at the way they do research and innovation; and, with their stakeholders, create more sustainable, socially responsive innovations which benefit us all

Albert Einstein observed “No problem can be solved with the same kind of thinking that created it”.

We use Social & Ethical Impact Assessment methodologies and Multi-Stakeholder processes to develop new thinking, new ways of working and a more responsive approach to innovation.  We help Companies and Universities focus their astonishing ingenuity in ways which help provide solutions to the world’s biggest challenges without, this time, causing more problems than we solve.

We work particularly at the cutting edge of technology innovation – with organisations using nanotech, biotech, synthetic biology and other genetic technologies, Robotics and AI.

Contact Hilary at hilary@matterforall.org to talk about how we can help you.