MATTER is a new 'action tank' dedicated to having new technologies work for us all.

We act as a catalyst to have everyone play their part, including governments, business, ngos and the public - and to draw attention to three key areas

  1. The creation of governance frameworks which are a not a barrier but a catalyst for the development and use of new technologies to benefit mankind and the environment.
  2. The need to consider and respond to social, ethical and environmental issues alongside the economic and the technical.
  3. The importance of involving the public and all stakeholders in the development and use of new and emerging technologies. We do this through stakeholder engagement and facilitation, action research, communication and the initiatives we create ourselves to fulfil our aims.

What are emerging technologies?

  • They are technologies which arise from new knowledge, or the innovative application of existing knowledge;
  • leading to the rapid development of new capabilities;
  • are projected to have significant systemic and long-lasting economic, social and political impacts;
  • create new opportunities for and challenges to addressing global issues;
  • have the potential to disrupt or create entire industries.
  • Currently nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, genomics, converging technologies robotics, geoengineering and others are considered to be emerging technologies.
Definition from World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council Emerging Technologies
meeting Nov 2010