About Us

MATTER – connecting people and ideas, to bring ‘responsible innovation’ to life

We explore and promote the improved understanding of the concept of ‘responsible innovation’.  We use this term to mean innovation which is values sensitive, open, sustainable, safe and where organisations of all types can be accountable for their impact.

Responsible innovation responds to societal needs and challenges and increasingly involves the whole of society in that process.

Our approach

We work mainly with business and policy makers and focus on three areas:

  • Create collaborative activities which help society, companies and policy makers understand what ‘responsible innovation’ means in real life – how it can act as a catalyst for innovation without shying away from the exploration of where it could be detrimental.
  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder collaborations and debates, usually with companies, policy makers, civil society groups and the general public to help improve innovation, technology development, governance and safety assessment, whilst also ensuring the safe, effective and appropriate use of technology.
  • Exploring practical approaches to focus technology on social benefit in a market driven world