About Us

MATTER – connecting people and ideas, to make new technologies work for us all


We aim to help everyone play their part to ensure that research and innovation makes a dynamic and appropriate contribution  to both our day to day lives and solving some of the big challenges we face.

This is increasingly being called Responsible Innovation.   MATTER is involved in a number of initiatives to explore what this term may mean in practice.

Our focus

We work mainly with business and policy makers and focus on three areas:

  1. Exploring how good governance can be a catalyst for innovation, whilst also ensuring the safe, effective and appropriate use of technology.
  2. Real world thinking on how best to involve and respond to the public and other stakeholders
  3. Practical work on how to focus technology on social benefit in a market driven world

What we do

We work best with like-minded partners to create initiatives which will have a real impact in our key areas.   Our contribution is usually around:

  • action research
  • stakeholder involvement
  • multi-stakeholder facilitation
  • communication, including social media & traditional pathways
  • training & coaching