What we do


We work with universities, individual researchers and companies to explore with them, and their stakeholders, how they can put their research and innovation skills to better use for people and the environment.

We also help policy makers, governance and funding institutions explore how to align systems and incentives to be more responsive to the needs of society.


Our work

Strategy: Facilitate strategy discussions; coaching senior teams; strategy development with internal and external stakeholders (eg University-wide strategy with University of Sheffield; Responsible Innovation & Robotics; RI & Disability studies)

Stakeholder research & involvement: initial issues identification and stakeholder mapping, research with stakeholders, facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes & collaborative projects (Nanotechnology (www.Nanoandme.org), RI & Food Irradiation, Principles for Responsible Innovation, Building Confidence in Innovative Technologies, what stakeholders expect & how companies can respond)

Motivational speaking & training: Engaging and interactive keynotes, (see Events) individual & group mentoring, coaching & training, including on-line modules (Responsible Research and Innovation, Stakeholder Involvement, Working with NGOs)

Key issues reports & writing: Driven by our vision for research & innovation we develop blogs, articles and reports to highlight key issues and help develop new thinking for ourselves and with others. (Eg European Commission – Briefing on Responsible Innovation; Future Foods; What does the public expect of companies using innovative technologies; Emerging Technology Risk – are we asking the wrong questions?)

Governance & voluntary initiatives:  A key component of effective change is governance.  Though we on occasion get involved in mandatory governance initiatives, our approach focuses on voluntary initiatives which bring stakeholders together to consider their responsibilities in key areas.  This is not particularly effective in terms of behaviour change in the short term, however, it does, in our view, develop a dialogue about responsibilities which would not otherwise happen.  We lead on the development of a number of initiatives The Responsible Nano Code, the Principles for Responsible Innovation, and currently in its early stages, Principles for Responsible Robotics (in progress).  We have been involved in a number of such initiatives in our previous work.