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Radical transparency? PRRI at the EC

I was quite honoured to be invited by the MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation Consultation Draft January 2016Regulation to present on our Principles for Responsible Innovation to their Brussels meeting last Friday.  The CoP was convened by DG Connect to help inform the the Better Regulation Agenda and ‘looks at the role of self-and co-regulation in […]

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Responsible Innovation and the Precautionary Principle

I was invited to speak at an interesting meeting of policy makers and academics, co-sponsored by the European Environment Agency and Brunel University – called More Timely Action on Fewer Hazards? The links between Precaution and Innovation The meeting wanted to explore the interpretation and misinterpretation of the Precautionary Principle in science policy and how policy makers […]

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MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation

Here are our Principles for Responsible Innovation. Those who saw previous posts when I bullishly called them Principles for Sustainable Innovation will note that I ‘responded constructively to my stakeholders’, who said that Responsible Innovation where where it’s at and I changed them back!   We have two main aims: 1.        Generate positive […]

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Hilary on Future developments of Civil Society Participation

Hilary on the future of Civil Society Participation in Brussels on 28th January 2015. Here is more detail on the event. Speaking alongside Mr Herbert Reul, Member of the European Parliament Ms Hilary Sutcliffe, Director of MATTER Mr Jasper Roodenburg, NWO, Dutch research council Ms Annika Thies, Director of the Brussels Office, Helmholtz […]

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Food matters live

Hilary speaks on Nanotechnology & Public Opinion at Food Matters Live

Hilary spoke at the major food industry event Food Matters Live at the Excel on Nanotechnology and Public Opinion.  The session was entitled:  Nano-foods: assessing the risks and nutritional benefits of nanotechnology.  The event went well, though with disappointingly little controversy!             My slides are here:    

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Building confidence front

Building Confidence in Innovative Technologies

In this project we researched the views of investors, NGOs & retailers and analysed 13 public dialogues on different emerging technologies to find out what stakeholders expect of companies and how they can respond.

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