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What is RRI?

Responsible Research and Innovation is another way of describing ‘Society Inside® which is mainly used in academia and research funding, though increasingly in policy and business.  We have developed a series of Principles for Responsible Innovation (currently being adapted to become Commitments for Society Inside®.    We have also considered how they might work for different […]

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The RRI Checklist!

Ouch!   I can hear the howling from here! I know that academics and many others LOATH checklists but I don’t,  I think they have an important place.  Anyone who has read the excellent Checklist Manifesto will perhaps learn the value in many many areas to help us avoid failure and mitigate against human incompetence […]

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RRI chart

Responsible Innovation in a chart

  I did this chart as a starting point for a discussion on what RRI covers.  It was seeking to summarise the different approaches of the main RRI initiatives and my reading around the subject.  It’s not pretty, but I would be interested in your comments, suggestions and amendments.  

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Principles for Responsible Innovation Jan 2016

Here is the next iteration of our Principles for Responsible Innovation as of January 2016.  These followed feedback from stakeholders  from our consultation in 2015 and review of some materials from the RRI Framework 7 and H2020 Projects which recently reported.  

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Principles for Responsible Innovation for GM Insects

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the development and use of Genetically Modified Insects. We were not aware of the hearing until sessions were underway, so didn’t submit evidence.  However as part of the further development of a set of Principles for Responsible Innovation,  it appeared […]

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The Five Principles for Responsible Innovation

Following further work and the practical input of a company and a research project considering how to use our Principles for Responsible Innovation, we have now refined them to form five Principles for Responsible Innovation.  But as this changes every day, with every project, it is work in progress! Obviously how the organisation does this, […]

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MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation adapted for Personal Health Technologies

MATTER was invited to respond to a consultation from the US based Vitality Institute’s Guidance for the Responsible Use of Personal Health Technologies.  In addition to MATTER Response to Vitility Guidelines Consultation (a note referring to the Guidance document itself)  it appear to be a helpful stimulus to reflect on the usability our Principles for Responsible Innovation in […]

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About Responsible Innovation

The European Commission asked us to write an easy to understand introduction to Responsible Innovation. If you want to know more check out our report.

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