What is Stakeholder Involvement?

We  specialise in the involvement of multiple stakeholders to create better solutions to complex problems.   We believe that to innovate better society should be involved at key stages in the process.   Of course we are also mindful of the limits in some ways of ‘innovation by committee’, and our collective ability often not to […]

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evidence peer review

Academic partnerships with NGOs – What To Do & What Not To Do!

I presented virtually to a conference at Notre Dame University’s John J Reilly Centre for Technology, Society and Values.  The conference, called The Collaboration Conundrum, explored the new collaborations and partnerships between different stakeholders and academia.  My talk was on Working with NGOs, what do to and & what not to do. In proper RRI […]

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Hilary on Future developments of Civil Society Participation

Hilary on the future of Civil Society Participation in Brussels on 28th January 2015. Here is more detail on the event. Speaking alongside Mr Herbert Reul, Member of the European Parliament Ms Hilary Sutcliffe, Director of MATTER Mr Jasper Roodenburg, NWO, Dutch research council Ms Annika Thies, Director of the Brussels Office, Helmholtz […]

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Building confidence front

Building Confidence in Innovative Technologies

In this project we researched the views of investors, NGOs & retailers and analysed 13 public dialogues on different emerging technologies to find out what stakeholders expect of companies and how they can respond.

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