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Our Outreach strategy for Industrial Biotech

Jonathan Porritt and his organisation Forum for the Future asked us to develop an outreach strategy to support his report for the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum – IB Done Well.  Our response was a report called Trustworthiness Builds Trust, Trust Builds Confidence, Confidence Builds Markets.

TBT reportThe phrase evolved from a quotation from Baroness Onora O’Neill in a recent radio broadcast, she said “..the slightly plaintive question:  ‘How can we restore trust?‘ is on everyone’s lips. The answer is pretty obvious. First: be trustworthy. Second: provide others with good evidence that you are trustworthy.”

This was the basis of our Outreach Strategy.  We believe that an approach which looks internally and reflects on how to be trustworthy will be far more successful than one which focuses outward on communication – which is often the desired starting point for building trust.

The Aim of the Project

To align Biotech business practice with the principles of responsible innovation in a manner that demonstrates trustworthiness. It is that reputation for trustworthiness which, we believe, will help build trust; trust builds confidence, and confidence lays the foundations for commercial success.

Our approach

We proposed a three-prong strategy:

  1. Develop a shared understanding of how ‘IB Done Well’ principles may be delivered in practice
  2. Create a trusted online hub for information and ongoing engagement with stakeholders
  3. Develop a framework for social reporting through a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach

The document was well received by Jonathan, and the Stakeholder Forum, but we are yet to see if it may have any resonance in practice!


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