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MATTER Principles for Responsible Innovation adapted for Personal Health Technologies

vitality guide plus borderMATTER was invited to respond to a consultation from the US based Vitality Institute’s Guidance for the Responsible Use of Personal Health Technologies.  In addition to MATTER Response to Vitility Guidelines Consultation (a note referring to the Guidance document itself)  it appear to be a helpful stimulus to reflect on the usability our Principles for Responsible Innovation in this context.

The document –Principles for Responsible Innovation for Personal Health Technologies – has lead to significant improvements to our Principles for a real world setting and we hope contributed something useful to responsibility in Personal Health Technology.  For example, we have pri plus borderreduced the Principles from 8 to 6 and better incorporated Governance, though that section in particular needs much more work.   We have simply cut and pasted the guidance of the Vitality Institute which seemed good and had been the subject of much thought.

This is not a thorough and rigorous evaluation and has been another pro bono effort as part of MATTER’s own R&D representing only a few hours work.  We would welcome the opportunity to be part of a funded initiative in this area.

We would very grateful for your response to our thinking and also urge you to submit your own views to the Vitality Institute consultation too.

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