Nano&me – our website for the public

We produced a pilot website for the general public some years ago to help provide balanced but easily understood information about nanotechnology and be the hub of debate for everyone to discuss the important issues which arise from its use. It is still a pilot, we never got the funding for it to be expanded, but visit the site and let us know what you think… www.nanoandme.org.  Email Hilary@matterforall.org

The ‘me’ in Nano&me can be the public, schools or journalists wanting to know more about nano; but it could also be businesses looking to understand the regulatory regime, or universities looking to see where to go to exploit their research.

We would have liked to feature information on the products using nano, the benefits of its use and the testing done to assure safety. But unfortunately at the moment this is not possible as information on products using nano is not currently available.

We are trying to promote the idea of such information for the public in other areas, notably synthetic biology, GM and Geoengineering.  Let us know if you think that is a good idea too!

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