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Principles for Responsible Innovation for GM Insects

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the development and use of Genetically Modified Insects.

We were not aware of the hearing until sessions were underway, so didn’t submit evidence.  However as part of the further development of a set of Principles for Responsible Innovation,  it appeared useful to see how these Principles may be used for application to GM Insects.

Much of the evidence to the Committee is focused on the policy aspects of the issue. These Principles have been developed for organisations, particularly companies, involved in the development and application of innovations in various areas or technology or innovation – from nanotech to food, finance to synthetic biology.

The overarching aspirations, commitments and processes seem to be the same regardless of the innovation area, but the specific social, environmental, ethical, cultural and economic issues may differ widely from application to application.

We would greatly welcome your contributions to this ongoing work through comments on the document, which could be emailed to hilary at matterforall dot org, or posted in the comments section here.

This is a pro bono effort, like the development of the Principles themselves, and is part of MATTER’s own R&D.

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