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Responsible Innovation and the Precautionary Principle

I was invited to speak at an interesting meeting of policy makers and academics, co-sponsored by the European Environment Agency and Brunel University – called More Timely Action on Fewer Hazards? The links between Precaution and Innovation

Late lessonsThe meeting wanted to explore the interpretation and misinterpretation of the Precautionary Principle in science policy and how policy makers might learn from the EEA’s Late Lessons from Early Warnings Report (click on the picture left for a copy of the document.

Hilary was invited to speak about our Principles for Responsible Innovation as part of a session which considered the PP in action.

It was a fascinating meeting – the full Programme is available here and the presentations available on their website here (they may not be up just yet)


For a copy of Hilary’s presentation click on the image below:

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