RRI Inside®! An idea for future conferences & ESOF 2016



At yesterday’s ESOF 2014 meeting, I was involved in a session on RRI at which most speakers pointed out that RRI isn’t a new thing, and isn’t one single thing, but is a collection of components, many of which area already happing in some areas.

In fact looking at the ESOF Programme, there were many sessions, perhaps on green economy, Science & Democracy, citizen science, sustainable design etc etc which would include all or many components of RRI.

This is perhaps way too messy and open to abuse to appeal to the academic community, but I wondered if we could develop a little logo which those submitting papers for events could be given if their idea was considered appropriate?

Obviously there would have to be definite criteria which would need to be communicated very clearly, but I can see it could be an interesting catalyst for discussion and potentially even action.  At the very least it could promote some of the concepts of RRI to an important audience.  Certainly one to consider for ESOF 2016 where Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, who are also leading on the ResAgora project looking at a framework for RRI.

I propose ‘RRI Inside®’ instead of just RRI, because it therefore doesn’t have to mean ‘here is RRI in action, and this is a perfect example’, but this is one of the things that RRI is about.

It could also be a hashtag for awarding to events at conferences which aren’t participating.  In fact the reverse, a ‘No RRI here’ logo could also be developed.

This is just a light hearted thought, but I think worth considering.  There will be violent resistance by those who don’t get it, or who think that all science is responsible.  Perhaps that would be part of the fun.

Maybe this could be a job for the €7million (?!) project RRI Tools




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