RRI & the Origins of The Next Big Thing!

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I am writing a speech for the Swedish Research Council Annual Science Communications Conference next week and talking with the organisers about the stimulus for RRI & other initiatives in Sweden and the UK. They are similar to us, but not quite the same,  the responses are pretty much, though the time-line isn’t.

When I did my Masters in Responsibility in Business Practice I tracked how leadership in organisations happened.  With the exception of one company, every organisation who lead in CSR/Sustainability/Human Rights type issues, did so in response to a disaster and a big reputational hit.  However, I then met with a senior person from The One Company,  a world leader in CSR who said ‘Oh no, we had a terrible problem with x which nearly brought the company down”!  So that’s a zero companies changing except in crisis!

It struck me that perhaps the situation is not dissimilar in other areas of life too and I looked at the big issues in relation to responsibility in research and innovation, and found perhaps the same thing is true here.

It is a bit tongue in cheek, but I briefly looked at both responsibility initiatives and what catalysed them and came up with the four big crises below which have shaped both the appetite and the types of responses.  Do you agree?

Please feel free to add, or suggest changes or tell me it’s entirely rubbish!
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